This year’s Innovation Day is the second in the row to take place in Olomouc. The goal of last year’s Czech-Israeli Innovation Day was to present the Israeli Smart Healthcare, which could inspire the Czech healthcare system in the field of management, education and innovation and support specific Czech-Israeli projects. Since 2019 a group of institutions and experts has been formed in the Olomouc Region to create a regional ecosystem for the development of innovations in healthcare, which would be connected to the Israeli ecosystem. At the same time, the exchange of know-how and technology can naturally go in both directions. E.g. the Czech software tool CEREB B Mode Assist for brain diagnostics presented last year is now being tested for use in Israel. 

In Israel, hospitals themselves are an important center of innovation, the largest hospitals have their own innovation centers. This year’s online conference focuses on practical issues of cooperation between hospitals, academic institutions, and companies in improving health care through new technologies and digitization. 

The conference was supported by the Olomouc Region and it is organized by the Olomouc Innovation Cluster in cooperation with the Czech-Israeli Mixed Chamber of Commerce, the Moravian Business College, and the BEA campus Olomouc. Because of the state of emergency, an open digital format of the conference was chosen, so that everyone interested, especially from the ranks of medical doctors and health professionals, can choose when and what presentations they want to watch.


Opening Addresses

Healthcare as the Area of the Strategic Bilateral Cooperation

H.E. Daniel Meron (Israeli Ambassador)

Challenges to Improve Healthcare in the Olomouc Region

Mgr. Dalibor Horák (Deputy Governor of the Olomouc Region for the Healthcare)


The Czech–Israeli Mutual Chamber of Commerce and Smart Healthcare Innovations

Ing. Tomáš Jelínek, PhD (CISOK)


Expert Presentations

Bridging the gap. Technology meets Healthcare

prof. Varda Liberman (Head of MBA in Healthcare Innovation, IDC Herzliya)


Innovation at ARC – Sheba Medical Center – Data Lake and Mashine Learning Insiders tips

Prof. Robert Klempfner, MD (Science Director, Innovation Centre Big Data & AI, Tel HaShomer)


New approach for Innovation in HealthCare. Possibility for Cooperation with the Olomouc Ecosystem
Dudi Klein (Managing Partner @ ALIVE Israel HealthTech Fund,  former Head of Ventures and Innovations Division @ Assuta Medical Centers)


The Chameleon transformation due to the Covid-19 challenges

Dr. Aviram Weiss (Elad Health)

Interview with Dr. Rachelle Kaye (international eHealth consultant, Assuta Medical Centers)

Innovations and digitalization at University Hospital in Olomouc

prof. Roman Havlík (CEO, University Hospital Olomouc)


BEA campus Olomouc as Partner for Innovation Ecosystem in Olomouc Region

Bc. Josef Tesařík, MBA (TESCO SW)


The Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine as Partner for Innovations

doc. MUDr. Marian Hajdůch, Ph.D. (Director, Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine)


Management and Innovation Challenges in the Education of Healthcare Professionals

prof. MUDr. Martin Procházka, Ph.D. (Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences)


Interview with prof. Roman Havlík (CEO, University Hospital in Olomouc)


Conclusions – Comment on Challenges (Dr. Kaye, prof. Havlík) 


Watch the whole conference below